Thursday, June 28, 2018

St Louis Public Library

During our time walking around St. Louis I kept eyeing the library, taking photos of the outside.  Amazing quotes!

 And I love this sculpture!

And on our last day we had a bit of extra time and everyone humored me and we all went to see the inside of the library.  This was one of the many ornate ceilings that we saw!
 And in some areas they had lighted bookcases.
Look at that architectural detail.
We found the children's section and they had wonderful quotes inside too!  And I loved the location of this one, right by our boy reading a book. 
 They had these interesting seat/climbing structures. 
Anna asked me to take a photo of this stained glass window.  There was a number of them. 
And with that we headed to the airport.  Home sweet home we are on our way!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

City Museum!

As a reminder, this is the view from the roof top deck of our building.  See that school bus hanging off the corner?  
This is from inside that school bus looking down!  And it is about this point that Matt and I realized we would be in for a whole lot of climbing and sliding!  There is a reason they don't have maps of the place!  But thankfully they suggested we go do the activities on the roof before it gets too warm and sunny out (and boy did it!).
And check out that driver seat!  So glad our drivers at work don't have to sit in a seat like that all day!
 Mason and Matt climbed up these globes.
Olivier going down the first of many, many slides.  Yes, they have a ten story slide!
The view of the city from the entry of the slide.
And a giant praying mantis.  Oh, I should mention, most of the "stuff" that is part of the museum has been just kind of dumped in the city and they have tried to incorporate it in an artistic an fun way into a place for kids.  Kinda cool!
 Under the praying mantis there is a way to drop down into a basket of sorts at the top of the dome, about two stories off the ground.
 After Olivier climbed out we decided it was time to ride the ferris wheel!
 Anna and Olivier were together, Matt was alone, and I was with Mason.
Matt took this fun photo while on the ferris wheel of Olivier and Anna behind him.  

 Some of the views!

 This gives a better view of the top of the dome that Olivier climbed the basket at the top under the praying mantis.
 Anna and Olivier went again on their own.
 And Matt went with Mason.
 Then Mason asked Matt to climb the top of the slide with him.  Of course he said yes, and then about half way up of course he wished he hadn't!  But he did it and Mason appreciated it!
 I went on the ferris wheel with Anna.
 Olivier was in front of us.
 Olivier climbed into the basket again and is working his way out.
 Matt went back on the ferris wheel with Anna.
 And I went with Olivier.
At that point we were all getting a bit warm so we decided to head inside.  I think the boys went to try and go down the 10 story slide (at this point they only found the five story slide then had to transfer to the next five story slide) and Anna and I went exploring in the caves.  They had a whale!
 And this cool jelly fish (the picture doesn't do it justice).

And there was this lovely tunnel that we ended up crawling through.  There was a lot of crawling done by all of us.
Somehow we found Matt and the boys in the caves and we all decided it was a good time for lunch.  When we came back the kids were so excited to go into the ball pit.
 I think they were a bit disappointed it wasn't deeper.
 We then went climbing through a plane (see the photo taken this morning of this from above).
 Looking up toward the roof after going through the plane.
 We ended up in the tower on the right, took the bridge to the tower I am standing on.
Then the boys started planning on which slide they should do next. 
Before heading off to the next slide, Matt, Anna and Olivier headed to the dungeon!

I went with the boys for a while and we were on a quest for slides.  After a lot and exploring for more we found a fish tank the kids could climb "in".  :-)
Olivier was fascinated by this chain you could work on pulling up...
And the boys had fun swinging on a rope.
And I had to take a photo of Anna with this guy!  Matt and I swapped again, he was back on slide duty with the boys and I was back on exploring with Anna.
Anna decided she wanted to go back on the ferris wheel so we went back on the roof.  Matt sent a note saying the boys were done (after the found the full 10 story slide) and not to leave.  I giggle and said no worries because we were at the top of the ferris wheel at that moment waiting for others to get on.  

We arrived when they opened at 9 a.m.  We went back to our place for lunch just after 11:15 a.m. and went back around 12:30 p.m. and were done for the day at 3:15 p.m.  And we all enjoyed resting and the cool temperature back at our place.